Product Disclaimer

  1. Ash & Faiz makes every effort to ensure that product images & descriptions are as accurate as possible. Please note, however, that there might be some minor differences between product images on the website and the actual product. Such variations may come about due to extra embellishments used during shoots which may differ from original products slightly.
  2. All details of Ash & Faiz products are given on the website and we make every effort to guarantee that the information provided is accurate. Customers are requested to review this information before making purchases.
  3. Claims are only entertained for the following circumstances:
    • The received product(s) differed from the original order.
    • The received product(s) were damaged.

In such cases, claims can only be entertained if they are made within 7 days of the original order date (for UK) and within 14 days of the original order date (for all international orders).